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An arrest or obvious reason to believe you are under investigation by law enforcement is a frightening and stress-inducing experience. And if convicted, penalties and other consequences may follow you for your entire life. Make no mistake…you need experienced and effective help.

Attorney Michael Turndorf knows what it takes and how to prevail in the criminal justice system. As a former prosecutor with hundreds of hearings many jury trials under his belt, he has a record of success. His keen insight into the opposing side's methods and tactics gives him a significant advantage over less-experienced attorneys. Attorney Turndorf has the in-depth knowledge and vast experience to build winning strategies.

Getting Started Immediately is Essential

It is important to start collecting evidence and favorable witness interviews as soon as possible. The critical time to get working on your case is the moment you are charged, or when you know the police are conducting an investigation. If you've already been arrested or charged, there is no time to waste. Attorney Turndorf's goal is to be proactive, not reactive.

Attorney Turndorf provides skilled and compassionate representation at all phases of criminal matters, from advice through the investigation process, to court appearances, motion hearings, plea proceedings and trial. Mr. Turndorf is a veteran trial attorney. None of his clients speak with law enforcement without appropriate advice and the attorney present.

Submitting To An Interview With Law Enforcement Is A Bad Idea

Don't be fooled by kind or “sincere” law enforcement officers. For the most part, officers only want your help with extracting the information they need to support initiating or strengthening criminal charges against you. Their job is to help the prosecutor, not you, and they build their case on that premise. Simply put, they are not ever on your side.

Attorney Turndorf Doesn't Rely On Law Enforcement For The Whole Story

With a timely, informed and pointed investigation, it's possible to convince the prosecution to reject filing any criminal charges.

When it is appropriate to do so, Attorney Turndorf works with private investigators who retired from careers in law enforcement. His working relationship with private investigators goes back many years. Attorney Turndorf's investigators practice and live up to the very high standards we demand… thorough command of the facts and law and no stone left unturned. And, unlike full or part-time law enforcement officers, his investigator's search for evidence and witnesses favorable to you. The defense investigator will interview available witnesses, collect evidence, and do whatever is necessary to find any and all information which may be beneficial to you.

Likewise, Attorney Turndorf works with forensic experts and other specialists when it benefits his clients. He has worked with forensic pathologists, medical doctors, hand-writing experts, toxicologists and accident reconstructionists, etc. The facts and circumstances of your case will dictate whether an expert is necessary.

Attorney Turndorf has extensive practical experience and a proven track record. He is driven to get the best possible results for clients. He handles every type of felony and misdemeanor criminal case including, but not limited to:

  • Drug offenses
  • Sexual assaults
  • Domestic violence
  • Arson
  • Financial crimes
  • Operating under the influence (OUI)
  • Thefts
  • Burglaries
  • Computer crimes
  • Crimes of violence
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Protection from abuse order violations
  • Probation violations

Committed To Hard Work In Every Case

Whether your matter is a misdemeanor or felony, Attorney Turndorf brings the same spirit of hard work and determination to every case. He takes his work seriously and is committed to highly effective strategies and results.

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Criminal Defense

Arrested or under investigation? Highly experienced former prosecutor ready to provide the advocacy you need. All felony and misdemeanor offenses, probation violations, protection order violations, drug offenses.

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